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usWe guide policyholders when the Insurance company underpays, delays, or denies a claim. Insurance companies promise full recovery. We are dedicated to enforcing that promise. If you don't feel like you understand your options, just ask, and we will provide an explanation of your legal options based on your specific goals.

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Our firm has the experience with insurance claim disputes and dedicated attorneys that can explain the complex arena of insurance claim disputes and litigation.  We have represented policyholders all over Florida, in both English and Spanish. We will fight for the rights of consumers in Florida.

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Don't wait to file insurance claims in Miami! If you feel that your hurricane, fire, or water damage claim has been unfairly denied, delayed, or mishandled contact our experienced attorneys today for a free case evaluation.  Property insurance in Miami pays you when water damages your home.  Act now when making property insurance claims in Miami. The faster you act the better your chances of having your claim paid.

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